I am focused on my
client's needs, and I
work to optimize their
business exposure for
increased growth.
Web Design
Bringing Your Business
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Rosie Adams, Owner
Web Site Setup
We are unique in allowing clients to have control over their domain.  This allows clients to have the
freedom after the initial design to do the web maintenance on their own or choose us to keep their
website up-to-date.  The choice is theirs.
Areas where we can provide services for your website development:
Website Design
Website Setup
Website Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization
Web Site Design
Our web designs are geared toward the small businessman and the  entrepreneur.  Quality features at
a budget price.  We work one-on-one with clients to ensure we understand their needs.  Cost to start a
company for an sole proprietorship depends on clients needs, but can be done for as little as $300 -
Web Site Maintenance
Web Site Maintenance is the updating of the web site graphics and copy.  If you chose, we can provide
this service on a continual basis.  
Search Engine Optimization
With experience in search engine optimization, we can provide even the entrepreneur with the ability to
raise his rankings in the searches.